Protest Forms at House of Black Man Killed By Police

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Three weeks after the death of Casey Goodson Jr., another Black man was shot and killed by law enforcement in Columbus – giving protesters like Joshua Williams a new reason to use their voices.

What You Need To Know

  • A protest formed on Christmas Eve in the neighborhood where 47-year-old Andre Hill was shot and killed by Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy
  • Around 50 protesters gathered in below-freezing temperatures
  • Protesters say they want Officer Coy arrested and indicted on murder charges


“On Christmas Eve, we shouldn’t be going through this,” Williams said.

He’s been active in many of the protests in Columbus this year.

It’s something he wishes he didn’t have to do.

“We shouldn’t keep having black and brown-skinned people killed by the police,” he said.

A group gathered Thursday in the neighborhood where 47-year-old Andre Hill was shot by Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy.

The shooting was caught on Coy’s body camera.




“I saw the video and after two seconds of me watching the video, I literally had to change the channel,” he said.

Cynthia brown also attended the protest Thursday.

Her nephew was shot and killed by law enforcement, too.

“Every time I hear another unarmed African American man getting killed, it could be men or women, I get terrible flashbacks. So I knew I had to come here to share my story because my nephew should be alive Christmas Day same way as Mr. Hill, Casey Goodson,” Brown said.

Brown is the founder of the Heartbeat Movement and pushes for de-escalation training and police reform.

“I want to see Officer Adam Coy fired, fired and indicted for murder.”

Williams feels the same way.

He said he’s calling on Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther to see that it happens.


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