Law and order vs. health care as Dems, GOP vie for suburbs | National Politics

"If I don't win, America's suburbs will be overrun with low-income projects, anarchists, agitators, looters and of course," friendly protesters, "he tweeted recently.

Wagner has voted for bills that would have ended reporting that former President Barack Obama's health bill guaranteed people with pre-existing conditions. She introduced bills to protect this reporting, her campaign says.

Schupp has said she refuses to defuse the police, a call from the left for restructuring and even dismantling of police forces, which many Democrats oppose. She was supported by Indivisible, a progressive group that endorsed the proposal.

Each party says their messages have been poll tested and will work.

Public safety and the relief of the police force are "an increasingly important and important issue in the suburbs," said Dan Conston, president of the Congressional Leadership Fund. Conston, whose group is in line with the House's GOP leaders, said in health care the Democrats are betting that "their tired, outdated arguments will work."

"Health care is the main issue people care about," counters Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., Who heads the campaign committee of the Democratic Congress, the campaign arm of the House Democrats. She says Democrats are "on the right side" when it comes to law and order, supporting peaceful demonstrators, but denouncing "people who burn buildings".


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