Far East Side Columbus club cited for large indoor concert

Dean Narciso

| The Columbus dispatch

A club in the Far East Side was cited by the Ohio Investigative Unit for "gross violations" of public health regulations after undercover agents said they saw about 500 people at a concert there on Saturday night.

The episodes, located at a shopping mall on Channingway Center Drive from 1921 on the west side of Brice Road and south of East Livingston Avenue, were cited for improper conduct and disorderly activities in violation of the alcohol permit, according to a press release.

The owner or agents of Aftermath could not be reached immediately for comment on Sunday.

OIU agents did not see any social distancing measures or obstacles

OIU agents – sworn civilian peace officers whose job includes investigating suspected illegal activity in bars and other alcohol-licensed businesses – reported arriving at Aftermath at 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

The dance floor and stage area, as well as the bar and table departments, were crowded with hundreds of guests who made no attempts to maintain social distance, the press release said. There were no barriers in the facility to prevent the airborne coronavirus from spreading, and bartenders were photographed without wearing face masks as required by state law.

The agents watched the guests stand, walk freely, and share alcoholic beverages from the same bottle that were exchanged between groups. Most of the crowd and employees did not wear face covers.

Founded in May 2019, according to the Ohio Secretary of State, Aftermath is located in the same location that the elite live venue used to be.

The Putnam Tavern in Zanesville was also cited on Friday for inappropriate behavior and disorderly activities in violation of the alcohol permit after around 25 people without social distance or obstacles were pushed into the bar to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The quotes against both companies are being filed in the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for possible penalties, including fines and / or the suspension or revocation of alcohol permits.


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