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DeWine indicators masks enforcement order

DeWine signs mask enforcement order

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTAP) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has signed a new health order which requires all retailers to enforce mask-wearing in their establishments.

Though there are exceptions, DeWine says everyone over the age of 10 will need to wear a mask inside of stores beginning at 12:01 a.m. November 16, 2020.

Retailers must also post signage at all entries telling customers that masks have to be worn.

While the order requires business owners or their employees to enforce mask wearing, they do not need to put themselves in harms way while doing so. The order says each business should have an employee whose job is to enforce the mask mandate during each shift. They should also be the point person when contacting local law enforcement or health officials.

It is also the duty of customers to follow the health order.

The freshly signed order also allows local law enforcement, local health departments and representatives of the Ohio Department of Health to inspect and enforce the order. Businesses must allow them to inspect and enforce the order during business hours.

Should a retailer show non-compliance, they will be issued a warning first. On second show of non-compliance, a retailer can be shut down for up to 24 hours. The order explains this period of time as a chance for the “dissipation of COVID-19 airborne droplets.”

“This order doesn’t apply to restaurants, bars, banquet/catering centers, hair salons, day spas, nail salons, barbershops, tattoo/body piercing locations, tanning facilities, gyms, dance studios, or fitness venues as these businesses fall under previously-issued, existing orders,” DeWine said on Twitter.

Non-compliance can be reported to the Ohio Department of Health at 1-833-427-5634.

For a better look at what businesses are required to enforce, you can view the graphics shared by Governor DeWine below, or you can read the full order here.

Ohio COVID graphic(State of Ohio)Ohio COVID graphic 2Ohio COVID graphic 2(State of Ohio)

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