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The following Speak Out! messages appear in September 23-28, 2020 editions of the Journal & Topics.

Walking Helps

So thankful for Lake Opeka. Those nice walks in the morning help clear the mind from these crazy times. God bless.

Retail Sought

Thank you, Rosemont for bringing great stores to the area. Now, if we can just get Des Plaines to bring us a Walmart or a KMart, that would be wonderful. Thank you and God bless.

Flying High

Just thought I’d let you know I saw two bald eagles circling in my yard this morning in Des Plaines (Sept. 19).

Simpler Times

Yearning for a simpler time. When there was a Kroger in downtown Des Plaines. When a countdown clock was on one of the three network stations for a space launch. When stations had numbers changing on screen and rushed to be first declare an election winner. When cable stations were not counting down with numbers changing on screen rushing to be the first to declare the United States total deaths due to COVID-19 over 200,000.

No Sign Needed

Dear Mount Prospect: Actions speak louder than words — I don’t need a sign on my front lawn or in my business window to express my compassion for my community.

We Get It

Enough already with the horn blowing. Please explain to me and other residents of Des Plaines why is it that the train engineer has to obnoxiously blow his horn so loud and long and at the inopportune time? Can you imagine being woken up by an obviously unstable person on a regular basis? I am aware they need to blow the horn before the crossing gates, but to perversely and obnoxiously on a routine basis is very disturbing. Enough already.

What’s Fair Here?

Well it sure looks like a DP cop accidentally shot an innocent teenage bystander. Why aren’t we seeing lots of people trolling through the kid’s history and social media posts, looking for something he did wrong? How else are the police apologists going to justify that the kid deserved to be shot anyway? Why are people treating this kid like his life matters? Oh, right. The kid is white. He’s therefore allowed to simply be the innocent victim he is without question. Why are innocent victims of color automatically questioned, somehow denied their rightful status free of askance “he deserved it anyway” glances. It’s as if they’re not treated like they matter. The white kid is being treated fairly. Why isn’t everyone else?

Something Else

Another grocery store called Jet Foods is considering opening in Des Plaines. DP does not need another grocery store. There are way too many on Oakton/Mannheim. Someone will eventually go out of business. Give DP something else. No more grocery stores please. Let’s hope it is not near that area.

Reopening Soon

October 9 & 10…Zanies in Rosemont reopens with Chicago comedy legend Larry Reeb.

Wants ‘Big Box’

I don’t for the life of me understand why our City Manager Mike Bartholomew has such a thing for apartments instead of big box stores in our city.

Send Prayers

My name is Steve Sellers and I am a Des Plaines resident/homeowner for over 40 years. I would just like to drop a note. Dear people. Have not heard too many thoughts and prayers going to our first responders and frontliners. Please keep them in your prayers. Steve from Des Plaines. Thank you. Bye.

Doing His Job

Hi, my name is Jim. Been in Des Plaines for 35+ years. In today’s Journal, Sept. 9, 2020, there is an article here about council members giving a pay raise to the city manager. It seems to me, everytime he does something…so what if he’s rebuilding the theater. He’s supposed to. That’s why he’s being paid a weekly/monthly salary. It’s his job to do those things. We don’t need to give him a raise every time he does something. We should give him a raise if he (improves) Metropolitan Square. It’s not getting any prettier. I know coronavirus had a lot to do with it. But I don’t think that warrants a raise just because he’s working on the theater. Not fair at all. He’s getting paid to do his job. He’s doing his job, you don’t double pay him.

8 Months Left

I just read the Focus on Niles, fall newsletter. The mayor must hire a comedian to write his message on page two. He tells us that “a person who’s done wrong should be punished.” Was he punished after using the village credit card for personal use? No. He said he was going to pay it back but didn’t until it was brought up in a board meeting, six weeks after he used it. He used the village attorney trying to find loopholes in the two-term maximum for elected officials? Did he pay for the time of the attorney used for personal potential gain? I believe not. He allowed Golf Mill Ford to park on village owned property for months without board approval, was he or the man who took responsibility for this punished? Once again — no. Yet he drove a car from them and then gave them a big tax break. He talks about partnership with the YMCA in letting them run the fitness center. Tried to ram rod this through without checking with other potential partners. Was this the “best deal” for the residents, or was something else involved? As he states, he has eight months left as mayor, let us hope/pray that Niles is salvageable. Don’t believe me? Ride down Milwaukee Avenue and see how his TIF districts are doing.

Feels Insulted

Recent Speak Out contributor wrote about the supposed “Columbus Myth.” In an attempt to besmirch the reputation of an explorer, he quotes incorrect information and insults Italian Americans. Columbus took four trips from Spain to America. On all of those trips he visited several islands in what is now the Caribbean, he also visited the isthmus that connects the north and south landmasses and traveled to the southern landmass on his third trip. So the statement that Columbus was in the Bahamas is true, but, that island and all the other locations that Columbus visited were part of what is now known as “The Americas.” So if you do not want to say Columbus discovered America, he at least encountered it. More importantly, the writer ends his contribution by saying “The elevation of Columbus to hero has served its purpose in the U.S., elevating Italian Americans as being upstanding citizens.” Does that mean that without Columbus, Italian Americans would not be considered “upstanding citizens”?

Wants Revenge

So now Democrats want President Trump to be nice and not select a Supreme Court justice until after the election. Really? After the way the Democrats have treated Trump for the past four years? I hope he picks the most conservative justice ever and gets that person confirmed before the election.

All For It

Do the commercials against the fair tax act with all of their fear-mongering remind you of a certain political party who thrives on fear-mongering instead of facts? Illinois already has the power to raise taxes without a vote on anyone. Do you not remember the last time they raised them we did not vote on it? This is simply a change of the rules so that the rich pay more than the middle class and I’m all for it. It’s not going to affect retirees unless they’re rich it’s not going to affect small businesses unless they have an income of more than $250,000 and if it makes people leave Illinois and it’s greedy rich people I’m fine with that.

Not His Fault

The Sept. 16 Speak Out contained thoughts of a writer particularly offended by unsupported and anonymous allegations asserting that President Trump disparaged Marines who lost their lives or servicemen and women in general. Our president has from day one supported and honored our troops. Those who smear Mr. Trump never are named and yet the media and political opponents repeat and spread these unsupported lies. In Mr. Biden’s case often from comments he reads from his bunker. What a disgrace.

Go With Joe

Joe Biden Dreamin’: All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray. I’ve been for a walk on a 2020 day. I’d be safe and warm if Trump went away. Joe Biden dreamin’ on a 2020 day. Stopped into a bar I passed along the way. Well I put a mask on my face and I began to pray. You know the bartender is old; he knows I’m gonna stay. Joe Biden dreamin’ on a 2020 day.

What I Heard

President Trump did not encourage anyone to double vote. He encouraged you, if you were going to vote by a mail in to be assured your vote counted. If it did not, if it did not, then go to the polls and vote. Stop belittling our president. I am one of the silent majority that will be voting for president of the United States Donald J. Trump and you have a lot of them in Des Plaines.

Tell Trump

Why does Donald Trump think Joe Biden can issue a national facemask law? He’s not president of the US, and he’s not even an office holder anywhere. Will someone please tell Trump how our government actually works?


I didn’t watch the Bears and Lions play last Sunday. Nor did I attend the “Back the Blue” rally at Lee and Oakton in Des Plaines that took place around the same time. Earlier this year there was a “Black Lives Matter” protest at the same location. You didn’t see me at that one either. Is my silence compliance? Maybe. I don’t care a whit about the Bears, that’s for sure. Police and protesters? I hope they work it out, but I certainly have nothing to offer in the way of resolution. So I just sit in my backyard until it gets dark wishing I could actually see the stars at night. But I can’t. Not in this area. The few stars I normally see weren’t even visible with all the smoke in the atmosphere from all the fires burning on the west coast.

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