Customers seeing shortages of toilet paper, other items at Columbus area grocery stores

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Ohio, grocery chains are limiting how much paper towels, toilet paper and other items customers can buy.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Grocery chains are beginning to limit the purchase of specific items as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Ohio.

Kroger is now limiting toilet paper and paper towels to two items per customer.

Other chains like Costco are changing mask policies so everyone who enters the store wears either a mask or face shield.

Customers 10TV talked with said the difference was noticeable following Governor DeWine’s Wednesday press conference addressing the pandemic.

“I would have thought we would have learned our lesson back in the spring and been a little more prepared,” said Lancaster area native Sarah Wharton. “But on the other hand, I would say I am not surprised because a lot of people tend to take the resources that we have for granted.”

Wharton said she’s noticed people wearing their masks below their nose and around their chin when our shopping. 

She was at Target over the weekend when she saw workers there taking initiative.

“There was a gentleman at the Target in Lancaster and he had a box of medical masks and so if you did not have a mask upon entering he was passing out masks to you,” Wharton said.

Enforcement will be growing in the coming weeks as Governor DeWine issued new mandates for retail which includes a new Retail Compliance Unit.

The unit will be made of workers from law enforcement, health departments and other fields and will monitor the enforcement required while inside a store.


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